Fave Sets
A lot of friends ask me where I get inspiration from for my sets or productions. One of my primary resources besides going to clubs and hearing dj’s play live is downloading sets.
I have been grabbing sets on the web as soon as the technology became available. It all started with mix tapes and eventually the mp3 was born. I helped start a site in the early 2000’s called hardsignal.net which eventually became a label.
After many years I kind of gave up on the idea and focused on production and gigs. Throughout the entire time I have always kept downloading music because enjoyed banging out sets in my headphones at work as well as in the car. I have a had a lot of friends ask me where I get my music and to be honest it’s from a number of sites and sources, you just have to dig for it.
That being said I want to share some of the older stuff I have collected as well as new. Below you find links to the house and techno sets that I grabbed this summer as well as my archives which are labelled respectively. All you have to do is right click and save as and the set will be yours. I have unlimited bandwidth on my server so feel free to share links to the site and/or whatever sets you love!


Adam X CLRSR163 146.8M
Adam Beyer & Ida Engberg Live @ Ultra Music Festival, UMF 2015 (Miami) 27-03-2015 33.3M
Alejandro Mosso Cadenza Podcast 043 Cycle W ID 139.5M
Alex Piccini Fusecast #09 67.1M
Andrei Morant Dnode197 139.1M
Aney F Live from Innocent Music Showcase Sankeys, Ibiza, Spain 18 7 2013 205.7M
Anthea LIve on Loco Dices Used Abused Radio Show 014 18 09 2013 141.9M
Anthony Jimenez Live at Movement 2015 215.1M
Audio Injection CLR Podcast CLRSR228 287.7M
Audiofly @ Flying Circus at Nordstern Basel 56.4M
Barem @ Soundwall Podcast 146 (01-04-2013) 55M
Bas Mooy @ AUM Birmingham 26 07 2013 205.6M
Ben Klock (Nov '14) FACT Mix 470 90.9M
Ben Klock 2013-08-10 Live @ Ostgut Ton Resident's Night (Berghain, Berlin) 121M
Blank Code Podcast 105 Raiz 146.6M
CLRSR276 Chris Liebing Extended 1 235.8M
CLRSR276 Chris Liebing Extended 2 229.1M
CLRSR276 Chris Liebing Extended 3 234.6M
CLRSR284 Pfirter Extended 141.3M
CLRSR286 Mike Dearborn Extended 139.6M
CLRSR287 Brian Sanhaji Extended 135.6M
Cari Lekebush DCR216 Drumcode Radio Live 79.7M
Chad Andrew Eat More Beats #23 140.5M
Chad Andrew JackPod #157 131.1M
Chris Liebing Live @ Studio 80 Warehouse (ADE 2013, Amsterdam) 19 10 2013 168.1M
Chris Liebing Live At Cocoon Amnesia (Ibiza) 08 Jul 2013 Sh4R3 167.8M
Chris Liebing @ Time Warp 2015 Maimarkthalle, Mannheim 5 April 2015 167M
Chris Liebing @ Time Warp Mannheim (06-04-2013) 155.9M
Conrad @ CODA (Martin Buttrich) (01-24-2014) 111.4M
DVS1 @ Foundry Blk Box Toronto Canada 30-03-2013 (1) 109.9M
Dean Paul CLR Podcast CLRSR308 218.4M
Departure Ibiza 070 JJ Mowbray Vol 2 280.1M
Departure Ibiza 071 Matthew Lima 127.4M
Fabio Florido Suicide Circus Berlin 21 02 2015 200.4M
Gel Abril Podcast 143.4M
Guti Live @ Ultra Music Festival, UMF 2015 (WMC Miami) 28-03-2015 135M
Hector Used + Abused Radio Show #10 142.3M
Joel Mull Live @ Awakenings Festival 2015 (Amsterdam) 28-06-2015 164.7M
Joseph Capriati Live @ Ultra Music Festival, UMF 2015 (WMC Miami) 28-03-2015 133.2M
Lance Blaise Tue Jun 18 189.9M
Lauren Lane Live @ Ultra Music Festival, UMF 2015 (WMC Miami) 29-03-2015 128.7M
Lehmann Podcast #001 Simo Lorenz 134.5M
Lehmann Podcast #022 Simo Lorenz 149M
Luciano Live At We Are FSTVL 2014 Luciano & Friends (Essex London) 25-05-2014 232.9M
Luciano Live @ Vagabundos Opening Party (Space, Ibiza) 07-06-2015 281.5M
Luciano and Cesar Merveille @ Ibiza Global Radio 18-08-2013 111M
Luis Flores CLR Podcast 268 Live @ Binary Series, Toronto (Feb, 14, 2014) 195M
Luis Flores CLR Podcast 205 82.6M
Marc Antona Music On Podcast 2 August 2012 163.6M
Marco Carola Live from Ibiza Global Radio Studios (Ibiza) 21-06-2013 123.9M
Marco Carola @ BPM Festival Closing Party, Blue Parrot 18 January 2015 168.7M
Marco Carola Live @ Music On Closing Party,Amnesia Ibiza (28 09 12) 990.4M
Marco Carola Music On the Mix IBIZA 2013 179.9M
Marco Carola Live @ 34th Anniversary Cafe Del Mar (Ibiza) 20-06-2014 78.9M
Marco Carola Live @ Blue Marlin (Ibiza) 07-03-2013 136.8M
Mary Velo Invite's Choice Podcast 188M
Matthias Tanzmann Live at Timewarp 2013 48.4M
Maya Jane Coles Live @ Enter Sake, Space (Ibiza) 19 09 2013 157.7M
Mirko Stacey ADE Mix MAsTER 218.2M
Mladen Tomic Live @ Soul Tech Festival, Mexico City, 20 10 2012 146.7M
Neverdogs Exclusive Set for Music On Ibiza 2013 Master 172.5M
Nic Fanciulli Live @ Ultra Music Festival, UMF 2015 (WMC Miami) 28-03-2015 128.2M
Onno Ants Mix 126.9M
Onno Cadenza Podcast 135.7M
Onno Vs Okain Watergate 141.2M
Oscar Mulero Dnode243 137.4M
Pan Pot Live @ Music ON Warm Up (Cafe Del Mar, Ibiza) 06-09-2013 78.7M
Project 313 Blank Code Podcast 190 153.2M
Randall M Techno Royale 009 143.9M
Randall M Techno Royale 010 67.2M
Randall M Guest Mix 282 The Terrace 57.5M
Randall M The Terrace Guest Mix 57.5M
Re You Live @ The BPM Festival 2015 13-01-2015 124M
Rebekah Lehmann Set LTD Pt 1 177.8M
Reelow Exclusive Podcast Of January 136.5M
Richie Hawtin ENTER 1 Space, Ibiza (05-07-2012) 186M
Ricky Syfer @ Skybar 13-7-13 106.5M
Robert Dietz @ Amsterdam Open Air 2013 (08-06-2013) 125.9M
Sean Collier TRSMNS015 143.2M
Shlomi Aber Guestmix Loco Dice Used Abused Radio Show 013 04-09-2013 90.4M
Simo Lorenz 14 09 2012 BOINK Wien 143M
Simo Lorenz CLOSING for EDLX @ Lehmann 27 12 2014 258.9M
Simo Lorenz CLR Podcast CLRSR310 139.5M
Simo Lorenz HDR Podcast 06 2014 164.7M
Son Tec Viva La Tech House Radio Show 39 82.2M
Stacey Pullen Live @ The BPM Festival 2015 15-01-2015 124.3M
Stacey Pullen Live at Bpm Festival 2013 (Kool Beach Playa Del Carmen)06-01-2013 115.3M
Stacey Pullen Tronic Radio 070 FM 30-11-2013 95.7M
Steve Lawler Live at Bpm Festival 2013 (Viva Warriors at Coco Maya) 04-01-2013 197.4M
Steve Lawler @ Coco Maya 4 January 2013 150.4M
The Martinez Brothers Live @ Ultra Music Festival, UMF 2015 (WMC Miami) 29-03-2015 121.9M


A Paul DJ SET 16 FEB 2011 137.3M
Adam Beyer Drumcode 103 20-07-2012 87M
Adam Beyer Drumcode 122 with Nicole Moudaber (Live @ Magazzini Generali, Milan) 30-11-2012 102.7M
Alberto Pascual LIVE ACT 090711 134.6M
Axel Karakasis Remain Podcast 06 56M
Bas Mooy @ DSNT @ Belfast Northern Ireland 04 02 2012 285.3M
Bas Mooy @ Mantis Radio Podcast 2011 139.9M
Carlo Lio Exclusive Mix for Music On Ibiza 2012 Routetwelv Com 155.4M
Carlo Lio Live @ Alleanza Radio Show 050 01-12-2012 53.3M
Carlo Lio Live @ Coronet Theatre (London) 29-04-2012 159.9M
DJ Pauze Addic Tec2 Belgium 75.9M
DJ Pauze Hard Techno Mix for Beton Radio June 22, 2009 141.8M
Dave Clarke Live Extrema Outdoor 2009 18-07-2009 75.5M
David Moleon Studio Prmo Mix Session LINE 03-06-2010 FL 205.1M
Drumcell Impact Mix 09-02-10 138.8M
Dubfire B2b Carlo Lio Live @ Elrow Happy Sundays (Spain) 29-04-2012 Www Mixing Dj 181.4M
Essential Mix 2009-07-18 Richie Hawtin Dubfire Magda Locodice 164.1M
Henrik B 70.7M
Joseph Capriati Dj Set July 2010 110.7M
Joseph Capriati 2011-02-12 DJ Set at ClubxSession on Insomniafm 54.9M
Joseph Capriati Systematic Session 151 (Proton Radio) SBD 01-30-2012 82.4M
Kr Z CLR Podcast 177 2012-07-16- 320.2M
Kyle Geiger Live @ Tresor Club,Berlin (02 03 2012) 3hr 418.9M
Luis Flores Dic 31 2010 Live PA @ Bar Americas 137.1M
Luis Flores Live From The Love Network May 26 2011 148.2M
Luis Flores CLR Podcast Extended Set 206.6M
Luke Slater Live at Subclub Glasgow 23-01-2009 107.3M
Marco Carola Especial Maxi Club (Maxima FM) 07 04 2012 124.7M
Pauze Harder to Fall Techno Mix 160.3M
Sasha Carassi Phobiq Podcast 01 Recorded Live @ The Basement (Toronto) 264.5M
Speedy J Live @ Berghain Club,Berlin 24-11-2012 148M
Speedy J @ Pulse Radio Podcast 072 (16 04 2012) Www Routetwelv Com 317.4M
Speedy J 2010-12-04 Live at Time Warp 2010 Sporthallen Zuid Amsterdam 86.8M
Speedy J Live At Blind Spot Preston 71.3M
Speedy J Lowlands Biddinghuizen Netherlands 22-08-2009 101.6M
Steve Lawler Viva Music Pool Party, Shelborne WMC 2012 (3-23-2012) 163.8M


Amir I Love MondayZ 142.2M
Audiofly @ Technootjes 8years 07 184M
Carlo Lio Exclusive Mix for Music On Ibiza 2012 Routetwelv Com 155.4M
Carlo Lio Live @ Soenda Indoor,Central Studios (Utrecht) 02-02-2013 173.6M
Carlo Lio Promo Mix August Sbd 2010 Ume 147.6M
Carlo Lio Evolution Podcast 2014 135M
Carlo Lio Live @ Funkinetic Friday,XT3 Radio 07 01 2011 109.2M
Carlo Lio AYGPMAEIT Mix 144M
Carlo Lio Live @ Sonar 2012, Barcelona 15-06-2012 Www Mixing Dj 114.7M
Carlos Fauvrelle Dj Set 55M
David Squillace VS Mathias Tanzzan @ East Ender Day 1 (This and That & Moonhoarbour Barcelona) 14-06-2012 90.1M
Davide Squillace Dailysession Minitek Sunday 38.8M
Davide Squillace DJ Mix #198 DanceTrippin TV January 2010 62M
Dubfire Live at Elrow Sunday Morning (Barcelona) 23-10-2011 450.1M
Hector Couto January 2011 Set 126.5M
Hermanez Live @ Dirty Analogue 106M
Hermanez Electronation (kinkfm) Sat 06-26-2010 68.1M
Kabale Und Liebe, Mathias Kaden & Lauhaus Back 2 Back Live @ Soweso Labelnight, Studio 80 02-06-2012 89.6M
Marco Carola Essential Mix (BBC Radio1) 05-02-2011 142.4M
Marco Carola Music On Ibiza 2012 184M
Marco Carola Live @ Yalta Club,Bulgaria (12 11 2011) 100.2M
Marco Carola Especial Maxi Club (Maxima FM) 07 04 2012 124.7M
Martin Eyerer Kling Klong Sat 01-15-2011 56.9M
Mikel Curcio BPM Festival 2011 LIVE MP3 91M
NickCurly BPMFestivalPodcast03 84.8M
Nick Curly Live @ Space Opening Party, Ibiza 30-05-2010 94.8M
ONNO MUmU Podcast (www Djonno Com) 149.1M
Paco Osuna Live at Club4 City Hall 7 Anniversary (Barcelona) 21-02-2013- 80.6M
Pascal Feos Raveline Mix Sessions 017 44.2M
Pascal Feos and D Diggler YouFM Clubnight 03-07-2009 150M
Pauze Xmas Time Snack 175M
Peter Bailey MindcontrolPodcast14 82.9M
Reset Robot Tinker Podcast Presents 75.6M
Reset Robot Tinker Presents 01-07-2011 142.8M
Ricky Syfer El Techo Sessions 143.6M
Ricky Syfer @ WETBAR (5-09) 56.1M
Ricky Syfer and DJ Pauze Nov 14 131M
Saeed Younan Live from The BPM Festival Jan 1 2011 47.5M
Sasha MOS 4 12 10 277.9M
Sean Miller Supernature Radio Podcast (09-12-2009) 184M
Steve Lawler Viva Music Pool Party, Shelborne WMC 2012 (3-23-2012) 163.8M
Steve Lawler Guv Promo CD 151M
Super Flu @ Hive Club Zuerich 040909 149.5M
Tale Of US Live @ Enter Terrace, Space (Ibiza) 29 08 2013 147.4M
Tale Of Us Live @ Enter Terrace, Space (Ibiza) 08 08 2013 174.5M
ThatKidChris 2011-12 Stereo Nightclub 30T21 52 16-08 00 745.5M
The Junkies JETT Records Radioshow #64 139.8M
The Junkies Podcast 2010-01-25 84.6M
The Junkies Podcast 2010-09-17 86M
The Junkies @ Far Away, Club Hebraica 28 07 2013 131.6M
TINi Desolat Revolution House, Tech Sept11 138.4M